Wooden structures

Isolated attic roofs give us the opportunity to create rooms in the superior part of the houses, suitable for bedrooms and/or kids room.

There are many variations to build this structure, depending on the materials used. It is indicated to use light and resistant materials. 

Ceilings are used for buildings with more than one level. They are a combination of beams and isolation, the downside is wrapped with plasterboard or wainscoted and, for the upper side, natural floor is used.

The internal walls are used to delimit and create different size of areas inside the buildings. They are wooden structures made of beams with glass wool isolation between them, wrapped with wainscot or plasterboard.

Internal wainscot: pinewood, finished, tongue and groove joint

External wainscot: pinewood, rounded, finished, tongue and groove joint

Natural floor: pinewood, finished, tongue and groove joint