"Sandwich" type wooden house

This type of structure is suitable for biger houses, family houses with more than one level. This construction is made of a wooden framework with horizontal, vertical and transversal beams. The outer side of the building can be insulated with expanded polystyrene, plastered and painted or covered with external rounded wainscot. Between beams, as insulation, glass wool is used, and the inside of the building is wainscotted or plasterboard can be used (simple or water resistant).


  1. 10x12 cm, beams
  2. 10x10 cm. beams
  3. 10x8 cm. brace
  4. 10 cm. glass wool insulation with nylon sheet
  5. 2,2 cm. external wainscot 
  6. 2 cm. boarding or OSB
  7. 3-5 cm. expanded polystyrene
  8. plastic net
  9. 2 cm. board support for plasterboard
  10. 1,2 cm. plasterboard, normal or water resistant
  11. 1,7 cm internal wainscot

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