Japanese type week-end houses

The external and internal walls are made of beams which are finished on both sides and joined by tongue and groove and combined at the corners by japanese type joint. Depending on the size of construction we can use beams with different thickness.

Usually both sides of the walls are visible, but by request they can be isolated with glass wool, just like the japanese type blockhouses. In this case, the internal side of the walls can be wrapped with wainscot or plasterboard. The thermic and phonic isolation is given by the pinewood’s natural properties. (The isolation and wrapping are not included in the price.)



  1. 4x12, 7x12 or 12x15 cm. beams
  2. 2 cm. decorative corner

(Isolation and wrapping with wainscot or plasterboard on request)

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Structure illustration: 
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Price (€/m²): 
75 (4x7.5 cm.) / 95 (7x12 cm.)
The prices listed above have no contractual value and they do not include 24% VAT. They include only the buildings’ structure, and they can vary from one building to another. To access our full and more detailed offers, click here.