Your vision, we build it.

Goal and Inspiration

Our goal is enhancing the quality of life by getting in touch with nature.

As our inspiration, we chose the idea of simplicity and naturalness, two concepts we all knew in our childhood when we used to visit our grandparents’ house, away from the city’s bustle..

Our greatest desire is too transform the wooden houses into a source of inspiration, into structures with an exemplary image and lots of aesthetic, functional, economic and ecological benefits.

A Partnership with Nature

We use pinewood, a raw material created by Nature itself, and all the houses we build transform the concept of wooden house into a space for a quiet, relaxing and healthy living.

The pinewood is a raw material of versatile use and its great manufacturing potential places it straight among the world’s best building materials.

The Advantages of Pinewood Houses

Short construction time

The building of pinewood houses takes a very short time, being poorly influenced by seasons. All the necessary elements for the building process are already constructed in our workshops, following a pre-existent plan, and they only need to be assembled.

The benefits of thermal insulation

Wooden houses provide a healthy micro-climate and they are very efficient, energetically speaking, offering a high thermal comfort. The wood has the capacity of keeping moisture to an optimum level, so, during the summer, the houses’ interior maintains a fresh chillness, and during the cold season, the houses are warm and cozy.

Calamity and disaster resistance

The great flexibility of pinewood makes the buildings earthquake-resistant, and, because of the way of joining the structural elements, all the seismic motions will be undertaken, no matter the propagation direction. Therefore, the maximum flexibility of wood allows the absorption of seismic vibrations and the house becomes a safe environment.

The pinewood houses are not predisposed to fires if the wood is correctly manufactured. We apply an anti-decay and anti-fire protective coating, processing it in our own workshops and with our own machines. The processed wood will delay the fire by 90 minutes.

An eco-friendly and well-balanced environment

Nature holds all kind of vibrations, waves and radiations which, although we cannot feel in a palpable way, can and will surely affect our body. Pinewood is the most sustainable construction raw material and its use has great benefits for both the human psyche and the natural biorhythm of the human body. The wood’s capacity, as an organic construction material, of preventing the environment’s negative effects is incontestable.